Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Will Smith Hitch Movie Directed by Andy Tennant
Starring Will Smith
Reviewed by Byron MerrittJust About Your Average Flick

Film Review Rating: Just About Average...

Hitch is a feel good movie that'd be a safe bet to watch on a first date. With its gently rolling presence, slapstick humor and decent acting, it'll tickle you without going into crudeness.

Will Smith (MEN IN BLACK) stars as Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (aka The Date Doctor), who's sole purpose is to help loser guys gain access to the love of their lives. Hitch does this by training men to behave on dates and how to handle women in the early stages of a relationship. But when a CPA named Albert (Kevin James, THE KING OF QUEENS) comes to Hitch with a serious crush on a famous and wealthy woman his company works for, things spiral out of control ...for Hitch, that is.

HITCH takes a look at relationships through both genders' eyes as Will Smith's character meets up with Sara (Eva Mendes, TRAINING DAY), a gossip columnist for a local New York newspaper. Hitch has met his match and is forced to delve deeper into a nurturing relationship than he'd ever planned.


Although the acting was good and the film didn't lag, it also was predictable and smaltzy. I knew what was going to happen in the film's finale ten minutes after it started.

So sit down and enjoy it during a first date, but don't expect any intellectual stimulation to get the ...uh ...juices flowing. Cerebral juices that is!


Blogger Kristyn said...

It's not a very good movie, in the sense of being memorable or intellectually stimulating, that is. However, it is a good one to sit down and watch with a group of girl friends. Every movie has a moment, and a slumber party is this movie's moment.

4:51 PM  

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