Friday, December 23, 2005


Ewan McGregor The Island movie Directed by Michael Bay
Starring Ewan McGregor
Reviewed by Byron Merritt



Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a futuristic society. He and many other civilians in an encased bubble-society are seemingly protected from the dangers of the outside world which has been ravaged by viruses and disease. Every facet of Lincoln Six-Echo’s life is monitored (even his urine for high levels of protein, etc.) and his only hope is to win "the lottery" and be sent to "The Island", a paradise for the wealthy and successful. But Lincoln has been stuck in his sterile society so long that he starts questioning why he’s there.

He’s also showing some affection toward another society member, the beautiful Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson), and when Lincoln discovers their real purpose, he must flee for his very life. And with him he takes Jordan who’s just won the lottery, sparing her an undeniably horrible death.

But what is it that threatens Lincoln and Jordan?

Michael Bay (director of Armageddon and The Rock) pulls from several previously successful films and presents a modestly interesting premise: How far will humanity go in the science of cloning? Can you murder a creation of mankind? Or will it simply be seen as harvesting organs? What if humanity doesn’t know how far some scientists have gone?

Ewan McGregor pulls in an "okay" performance as a clone with a questioning conscious. He alone discovers the truth behind their existence: being "throw-away" people designed to replace the organs of those individuals from whom they were cloned.

Borrowing heavily from one of my favorite cult classic SF films (Logan’s Run), I was hoping that Michael Bay might update that film and put a new face on it ...but no.

The deep messages of this film are never resolved or explored. In their place are unbelievable chase scenes and convenient plot twists that will make many viewers groan with disbelief (How can Ewan McGregor ride a futuristic sky-bike if he’s never even seen one? How can he and Scarlett Johansson supposedly survive a multi-story fall from a building? etc.).

There are, however, lots of interesting questions and concepts that are put forth from within the film’s script. It’s just too bad that the producers/screenwriters/directors didn’t explore them and give us a great psychological impact rather than fancy motorbike rides through impossible situations.

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