Friday, August 11, 2006


Matthew McConaughey Failure To Launch Directed by Tom Dey
Starring Matthew McConaughey
Reviewed by Byron Merritt


Tripp (Matthew McConaughey, TWO FOR THE MONEY) is a 35-year-old that still lives with his parents ...and they’re sick of it. Unable to talk directly with Tripp about it, the parents hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker, THE FAMILY STONE), a professional motivator who assists families in ousting adult kids from parents’ homes. But troubles quickly surface as Paula discovers that Tripp doesn’t fit her usual profile. He’s charming, has a great job, and is excessively good-looking. Changes in Paula’s normal tactics are integrated only to come apart as she finds herself falling for Tripp.

The ridiculous script and cast really give this film the umpf! it needed for success. It’s surprising how enjoyable the movie is despite its light tone.

Kathy Bates (MISERY) stars as Tripp’s mother, aiding in her son’s inability to move out by cleaning up after every mess he makes, doing his laundry, and fixing him scrumptious meals. Ex-quarterback Terry Bradshaw does a shockingly great job as Tripp’s father, a distant man with a penchant for nudity (his own).

McConaughey and Parker have great chemistry together, but if there’s one person who stole the show it was Paula’s roommate, Kit (
Zooey Deschanel, THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY), a tough-talking tomboy who’s lack of sleep thanks to a Mockingbird outside her bedroom window makes for some of the more hilarious moments in the film (think avian CPR including beak-to-mouth resuscitation!)

The other thing that makes this light comedy so enjoyable was that it wasn’t a chick-flick, like most romantic comedies. This one is more of a guy-flick. We all know someone who knows someone who has an adult child (usually a guy) still living in their home, right?

The running gags on animal attacks against McConaughey’s character are laugh-out-loud fun. And his two best friends, Ace (Justin Bartha, NATIONAL TREASURE) and Demo (Bradley Cooper, ALIAS), who also happen to be mommas boys living at home, have some excellent moments on film.

This flick was a pleasant surprise. It’s not going to increase your intellect in any way, but it certainly is a laugh-a-minute movie.

(Things for football fans to watch out for: 1) Terry Bradshaw takes a young boy out of the house towards the end of the film and tells him, "I’ll teach you how to ice your shoulders." 2) When the young boy and McConaughey are playing a football Playstation game, pay attention to the teams).

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