Thursday, November 17, 2005


Katie Holmes First Daughter Movie Directed by Forest Whitaker
Starring Katie Holmes
Reviewed by Byron Merritt



If you're looking for a good family film with clean language, clean scenes, and a clean script, you couldn't go wrong here. FIRST DAUGHTER has all those prerequisites.

The film introduces us to Samantha (
Katie Holmes, PIECES OF APRIL) who happens to be the daughter of the current President of the United States -- played well by Michael Keaton (BATMAN). She's on her way to college and adulthood but with little emotional support from her mother and father. Every aspect of her life has been laid out for her, and now she has to try and find out "who" she is. Is she really happy? Does she have an opinion on ...well ...anything?

The film pulls us through her early time at Redmond University but does so using a lopsided script and rushed revelations. She has to contend with the overbearing status of her secret service contingent, her every move being tracked by the tabloids, and a roommate who has personal baggage of her own.

Although the film was at times touching (especially when Keaton and Holmes are on screen together as father and daughter), the script rushes us through any trials and tribulations, as well as life-changes regarding parenthood and growing up.

Also the movie felt like an overly sweet pill that was difficult to swallow. Even though Samantha had problems, there was never anything even remotely obstacle-like that she couldn't have easily overcome with her available resources (as shown when she takes her friends on a trip in an Air Force One jet; which, by the way, would NEVER happen, so credibility was seriously lost there).

But I'm sure this film will have a pretty powerful appeal to the preteens and early teens out there. And parents can rest easy knowing that there's very little (if anything) in this slight movie that'll corrupt the pliable young minds of their kids.

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