Saturday, September 02, 2006


Phil Caracas Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Directed by Lee Demarbre
Starring Phil Caracas
Reviewed by Byron Merritt



When producers, directors, and actors decide to do a B-movie, they walk a very fine line. Campy borders this line but can be pulled off well if acted and shot right (SPACEMAN being the prime example of how to do this successfully). But if they’re not careful, they fall into the realm of "student film" or something that looks like a student film. And such was the case with JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER.

I’m a pretty big low-budget, B-movie guy; I give these productions a lot of leeway when comparing them to large studio flicks simply because these small films don’t have the money nor the marketing muscle that the big boys (Paramount, MGM, etc.) have. But my leniency can only stretch so far.

The title of this film should give you a general idea that it isn’t to be taken seriously. I mean, Jesus Christ returning to Earth only to battle a pack of lesbian lusting vampires? Just reading the back of the DVD box should dip your expectations. But, again, sometimes these little movies are worth a shot. Sometimes they surprise. Not so here.

The production standards are, again, student film-ish, as is the acting. The screenplay tries to incorporate too many things and becomes a quagmire. Kung Fu, lesbianism, Jesus Christ Superstar, and several other historical film themes are unsuccessfully meshed together.

The fact that the entire film was dubbed indicated two things: either the initial sound was terrible and had to be eliminated, or the filmmakers were trying (again) to add an old film theme to a somewhat newer idea. Either way, it failed to entertain.

There are many good B-movie productions out there, so don’t let this one film put you off. Search for them and you might find a few like this lame duck, but there are others that’ll knock your film socks off.

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