Saturday, November 11, 2006


Starring Ray Wise
Reviewed by Byron Merritt



It's pretty obvious that someone had a lot of fun making this film. There's a hint of dark comedy, the Twilight Zone feel that pervades almost all internet reviews, and a cliche-riddled flick that actually works if you set back and enjoy. Apparently given a pretty limited budget, first time co-directors Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa have pulled together a horror film that pays homage to a mixture of films in the vein of the Twilight Zone meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. You might also blend in a little CHRISTINE (ala Stephen King) then you'll have the general idea.

The film stars Ray Wise (SAVANNAH) as Frank Harrington. He's driving his family (wife, two kids - one a punk teenage boy and the other a young adult psychiatrist - and a boyfriend of their daughter's) to a Christmas gathering at his mother-in-law's house. Along the way, though, Frank decides to take a detour, a shortcut, down an old country road, and he does this while everyone else in the car is asleep. And when they awaken, the road seems to go on forever and ever and ever. Hmm. Strange, too, that all of their watches have stopped at 7:30pm.

Soon they discover a pretty young lady dressed all in white standing alongside this endless road, and she's cradling a well-swathed baby in her arms. And when they stop to see if she needs help, all hell breaks loose. Their daughter's boyfriend vanishes, and soon a hearse comes slowly trundling by and, as it passes, everyone sees the boyfriend pounding his bloody hands on the rear window. The family jumps back into their car and races after the hearse, only to hit a big speed bump a few miles down the road. Or was that a speed bump? Uh-oh. It was the boyfriend, and he's nearly mangled beyond recognition.

The car's occupants/family quickly begin disappearing, almost always after spotting the lady in white. Why doesn't the road ever end? Why are they all being forced into this hearse? Why is this lady in white attached to them somehow? Why does time seemed to have stopped?

Like I said earlier, lot's of cliche-style answer await you, but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of watching this dark, dark, mildly comedic horror tale. Popcorn? Check. Lights off? Check. Loved one sitting nearby ready to scream? Check. You're ready!

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